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Your Current Risks

Not even counting the financial and interpersonal devastation of a lawsuit, misconduct can destroy your organization's future by ending relationships, harming victims, and damaging reputations.

Organizations need resources and training that their learners will pay attention to, and they need a solution that lines up with their mission, vision, and calling. 

Telios Teaches' online training helps prevent misconduct with humor, expertise, and principles designed to preserve your company's values.

How We Can Help

  • Compassionate Expertise

    Our training is designed by both attorneys and creatives to address the complexity of misconduct prevention in a way that is accessible and compassionate.

  • Humorous Accessibility

    Intermixing humor and gravitas creates concise, fast-paced training that learners will pay attention to.

  • Alignment with Values

    Laser focusing on laws, standards, and best practices allows our training to transcend cultural barriers and prevent misconduct with strings attached.

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