Protect Those in Your Care

With Training That Affirms Your Calling

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Misconduct can destroy what god called your organization to do

Protect those in your care with training that affirm their calling

Misconduct is preventable.

Telios Studios can help with image of God-focused training that empowers you to prevent and respond to misconduct allegations with biblical values.

  • Prevent Misconduct

    Build an culture that is on the watch against evil.

  • Protect The Body of Christ

    With training that lines up with what God has called them to do.

  • Affirm Your Calling

    People are healthier with training that preserves their core beliefs.

What You Are Purchasing:

A subscription to our Anti-Harassment Training.

Purchasing a subscription grants you access to our sexual harassment prevention training and our yearly updates.

Subscriptions renew annually, and learners are automatically enrolled in the most up-to-date version of our online training.

Special discounts are available for bulk purchases. Contact us for a detailed quote, or visit our Ministry Store for pricing information.